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Peter’s Hospital, where they find Donnie Finnerman, apparently brain-fried after hosting the archangel.

Dean asked if that is going to happen to him if he allows Michael to possess him, Castiel replied him that Michael is more powerful.

Dean tells Raphael that they knew he was coming and he lights the circle of Holy Oil the Archangel is standing in.

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The scene flashing back and forth between Dean hunting - interviewing, killing vampires, cleaning up - and Sam trying to make a normal life for himself - burning his fake IDs and getting a job as a busboy in a local bar.A few hunters walk into the bar calling Sam by his real name and talking about hunting.Sam quickly covers the slip to Lindsay and then calls them away to a table.Dean wonders if this is actually for revenge, but goes along with it after some discussion.Castiel claims he has no one else to help him, and Dean is crucial to the plan because no angel would bring harm to him, Michael's vessel.

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