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Williams runs lactate tests to assess physiology, the squad are medically monitored and given annual flu jabs, and physio Gill Keane tends sore muscles.

The city name "Ottawa" was chosen in reference to the Ottawa River, the name of which is derived from the Algonquin Odawa, meaning "to trade".And, with the two universities agreeing a moratorium on rowing-linked scholarships, even enthusiastic international stars cannot always afford post-graduate courses.Cambridge's perception is that Oxford are better at hooking experienced rowers (junior and senior) and this year there are only three returning Light Blues."In a way, losing returning Blues is one of the worst things you can have.They come in with a different perspective." He values those with the will to win the race, rather than just appear in the Blue Boat, and says this year's president, Wayne Pommen, has similar views. "Needless to say, he's normally in the boat that's leading the pack - and he's only about 80kg."After the excitement of a one-foot margin last year, will this year's race be close again?

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