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Owner says I have to get used to the taste of cum, even if it's my own sissy cum, so tonight I'll be spilling my cum into my panties, then licking them clean.

That turns me on now, but I know after the fact is a different story. They want me to be around all those men at the gym.

Even writing this and remembering it makes me hard. ) and the wig on while I showed them how far I could swallow the dildo, showed I had the makings of a great sissy faggot.

I know this is kind of fucked up, but sometimes I just like to hold it.

It's a sick and twisted game, but I'm thinking about it all day at work, what new video I'll have waiting for me. I was sending pictures of me licking cum out of my hand after I had jerked off to the most recent video, a short haired young man sucking a dick through a gloryhole.They know which pictures I liked to look at the most. I know you'll be reading this, and since you want me to be honest, so it shouldn't be hard to believe this is fucking crazy.My owner says they're going to help me be a good gay boy.Gaining access to peoples' computers or phones, their online accounts, all their secrets.A person's browsing history, what they download, their social media, and usually their dating information, all there, all help me narrow down my projects.

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