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On April 18th I published Google’s 200 Ranking Factors: The Complete List.After executing “The Skyscraper Technique“, the number of backlinks to that page shot up like a rocket: More importantly, organic search traffic to my entire site — not just that post — doubled in just 14 days: As a nice bonus, that single post has driven more than 300,000 referral visitors to my site so far. You can do the same thing for your site…even if you don’t have a Fortune 500 marketing budget or connections with influential bloggers. And I go over all of them in this short-and-sweet video: Like I mentioned in the video above, here are the 3-steps that make up The Skyscraper Technique: Step 1: Find link-worthy content Step 2: Make something even better Step 3: Reach out to the right people Here’s why this technique works so well (and what it has to do with a skyscraper): Have you ever walked by a really tall building and said to yourself: “Wow, that’s amazing!Better Designed Sometimes, a visually stunning piece of content can generate more links and social shares than something similar on an ugly page.

Across the street is Glen Ilah, a subdivision with a couple hundred homes owned mostly by retirees like Truman Farrell, a 73-year-old Air Force veteran who up until two years ago was the town’s volunteer fire chief.Yarnell, Arizona, a former gold-mining town of 650 people, sits on a precipice at the western edge of the Colorado Plateau.Rising above it are the 6,000-foot peaks of the Weaver Mountains, and nearly 2,000 feet below are the flatlands and cactus of the Sonoran Desert.Now: The Skyscraper Technique is just one of many strategies that I use to land first page Google rankings.I reveal the others in my premium business training course, SEO That Works.

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