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Historically, borrowers have had limited options for a personal loan.

You could ask a family member, a friend, or find a personal finance company that offered fixed-rate loans, typically at exobrtantly high interest rates.

Many of those lenders work with those people who have less-than-perfect credit, making Lending Tree a great one-stop shop for researching the best loan for every kind of borrower.

So Fi (pronounced "SEW-fi", as in "SOcial FInance") is one of the newest sources of personal loans on the market.

The application process is quick and basic, and numerous customer reviews praise the service received when taking out a personal loan from a 100 Lenders partner.

They're facilitated by professional companies familiar with this type of lending, to simplify things for all parties.Loan rates can range a little higher at Prosper but, if you are in the market for a ,000 to ,000 loan Prosper is worth your consideration.Net Credit is a subsidiary of a major financial lending company and specializes in unsecured personal loans between 00 and ,000.Their loan interest rates are divided along the line of a credit score of 640.Obtaining a loan from Money Lion also depends on prior loan history and financial history.

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